Frequently Asked Questions B2B

1. I am travelling with infant_ Is there anything special I need to carry?

Ans:  Babies b/w the age of 0 to 2 years are considered t be Infant 2 to 12 years are considered to be child.

          Infants are not allocated separate seats. For an infant Ticket, it is mandatory to carry Birth Certificate of the infant along with the Ticket.

2. What is the age limit of Infant, Child, Adult and Senior Citizen.?

Ans:   Age Range of Infant : 0-2 years

           Age Range of Child : 2-12 years

           Age Range of Adult :12-60

          Age Range of Senior Citizen :Above 60 years

3. How many Passengers can be booked in one PNR.?

Ans: Maximum Nine Passengers